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Transcription for lectures and voice memos

Researchers and students can use the Feelingstream transcription app to make notes. Use real-time transcription during lectures, seminars, or interviews. You can later analyze the transcriptions, highlight the most important parts for your future work, or share them with your colleagues.

If you make voice memos during your research or as a studying tool, you can also transcribe these into text files of various formats.

Transcription for interviews

Journalists currently record the audio of interviews and later use it for their writing or make manual notes during interviews. Journalists can also benefit from real-time transcription or use Speaker to transcribe their audio files from interviews. The transcriptions are available and easy to use in different formats.

True, not only journalists perform interviews. We also encourage researchers, team leads or HR managers to use transcription tools. This makes it easier to focus the interviews themselves and let the machine work for later reading or relistening.

Transcription for meetings

In the business context, there may be many meetings that people attend every day. It is important that you participate with full attention, share your ideas, and listen to others – but almost always someone has to protocol the meetings or make some notes. Speaker real-time transcription can assist with getting the protocols and memos together. Later the transcription can be shared with the colleagues that attended or missed the meeting, just as needed.

Also, the option for voice memos is very important. Instead of making manual notes, it is very convenient to use real-time transcription to transcribe your ideas and have them in writing and available for downloading.

Transcription for developing your voice bot

Automatic speech recognition and real-time transcription can be used for your voice bot. If you transcribe your customer’s speech in real-time, you can use the transcription to tell your voice bot where to go with the conversation.

Developing the voice bot is a great way to reduce customer service calls to actual customer service agents.

If you wish to use the Speaker on a larger scale

- for your magazine and the team of journalists you have
- for your business to transcribe your business meetings
- for developing your voice bot
- for transcribing a large volume of information
- or for anything else, really...

Let us know!

We are happy to offer businesses the opportunity for account or environment setups based on their needs.

Contact info@feelingstream.ai for more information and request an offer for your business needs.

Feelingstream’s services include automated speech recognition and real-time transcription of Speaker. We also develop a conversation analytics tool for large businesses to use in their day-to-day work.

Feelingstream empowers your customer service team by providing multilingual speech to text transcriptions, automating manual tasks, and delivering real-time customer insights to improve efficiency, sales, and customer service quality.

Our conversation analytics tool enables companies to have 100% visibility across their different customer service channels. We use AI to enrich the conversation data, offer many automation options and provide insights to improve the business on every level.

Read more about the Feelingstream conversation analytics tool from our blog and from our website.

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